Linda Smith's A Brief History


.of Timewasting20081128 (BBC7)
20081129 BT=0630 (BBC7)
At a Brit art exhibition, Linda tries getting her neighbour's Jack the Ripper letters valued. With Don Estelle. From July 2001. Episode 2 of 6.
01 OF 6 [. Of Timewasting20050406 (BBC7)
20050407 (BBC7)
20081121 (BBC7)
20081122 BT=0630 (BBC7)
Comedy about life in an East London Tower block in 2001. Linda buys her neighbour a new carpet sweeper. Episode 1 of 6

Buying a new carpet sweeper for her neighbour turns into a major operation. East London tower block comedy. From July 2001. Episode 1 of 6.