Lindisfarne - Poetry In Progress


2013102720131102Twelve poets respond to the priceless Gospel book created on the island of Lindisfarne.

In the year that the Lindisfarne Gospel returned to the North-East, twelve poets and a digital sound artist discuss their contemporary responses to the island's priceless book.

After four centuries, the Lindisfarne Gospel-book returned, this summer, to the region in which it was made - not as far as the island itself but to Palace Green Library in Durham.

The Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts commissioned twelve poets to respond to the book and to the almost-island on which it was created.

Beaty Rubens followed the poets' progress - sharing crab sandwiches and beer on a coach-trip to the island back in the spring and hearing about their progress over the summer and early autumn as they each wrote and recorded their poems. Finally, she heard from the digital artist who created two installations where the poems could be enjoyed by the public.

This is the story of their Poetry in Progress.

Producer: Beaty Rubens.