Lines Burnt In Light - The Music Of Evan Parker

Evan Parker is one of world's pre-eminent improvisers.

Widely regarded as the most innovative saxophonist since John Coltrane he has dedicated the last four decades to making new and challenging music.


0120040327In the first of three programmes Evan talks about his early influences, about the birth of European free music and about how Yoko Ono inadvertently played the doorbell at his first recording session.

With contributions from saxophonists Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark and others.

0220040403The second of a three part series continues with an exploration of Evan Parker's revolutionary approach to the soprano saxophone.

Parker and others explain how by employing circular breathing and highly complex fingering techniques, he has developed a form of music that sounds simply impossible.

The programme also examines the work of his longstanding trio with drummer Paul Lytton and bassist Barry Guy.

03 LAST20040410The last programme dedicated to the legendary improviser focuses on his ground breaking Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and his work with the London Improvisers' Orchestra.

Collaborations with Jah Wobble, Spring Heel Jack and Rolling Stone Charlie Watts also feature as Parker continues to throw himself with undiminished enthusiasm into interesting musical situations.

According to Evan Parker the golden age of improvisation is always now.