Lion Of Chechnya, The [Drama On 3]


2005062620060702In the middle of the 19th Century, Chechen leader Shamyl united the Muslim tribes of the Caucasus against the Russian empire.

But, after an early military defeat, Shamyl was forced to hand over one of his sons to the Russian army.

The boy grew up devoted to Russia and the tsar.

Leila Aboulela's play focuses on Shamyl's fateful decision to kidnap a Georgian princess in retaliation for the loss of his son.

Shamyl....Raad Rawi

Princess Anna....Katherine Igoe

Prince David....Matthew Pidgeon

Tsar....Michael Cochrane

Madame Drancy....Caroline Loncq

Alexander....Jordan Waller

Jamal....Shiv Grewal

Khazi....Ben Onwukwe

Chouanette....Abigail Thaw

Ameena....Sarah Ozeke

Zaidette....Nina Wadia

Jamaluddin....Renu Setna

Lezgin....Harry Myers

Cousin/sergeant/Russian general....Richard Katz

Producer/director Bruce Young

By Leila Aboulela.

In the 19th century, the warrior Imam Shamyl united the tribes of the Caucasus to fight RUSSIAn colonial expansion.

Shamyl became a legendary figure and attracted the support of Queen Victoria who feared RUSSIA's increasing power would threaten Britain's interests in INDIA.

After an early military defeat, Shamyl was forced to hand over his eight-year-old son Jamal to the RUSSIAns.

Jamal grew up devoted to RUSSIA and the Tsar.

Years later, in an attempt to win the release of his son, Shamyl kidnapped a Georgian princess.