Lion's Den

Humphrey Carpenter presents three arts debates in which a `Daniel' figure braves an audience of interested - and sometimes agitated - practitioners.


01Exit. Pursued By A Bear1998022519990619Writer and journalist Bryan Appleyard argues that the British arts establishment places too much importance on the theatre, to the detriment of other art forms.

From London's Bush Theatre

02Beyond Hampstead1998030419990626Professor Lisa Jardine argues that contemporary British literature is narrow and parochial in its concerns, compared to dynamic work created beyond our shores.

She faces an assembly of literary lions at the Royal Society of Literature.

03 LASTBritish Tv - The Best In The World?1998031119990703Elaine Showalter, professor of English at Princeton, argues that British television currently lags well behind the creativity found in the US and elsewhere.

A distinguished audience of industry players takes issue with her.