Listener With The Pop-up Toaster


Genome: [r4 Bd=19671113]by Joseph Musaphia with Deryck Guyler

James Arnott was unrepentantly 1 square '-he liked good, old-fashioned music with a tune you could hum-but his New Zealand radio gave him an overdose of I yelping teenagers.' Until he discovered a secret weapon...

Other parts: Sheila Whittingham and members of the BBC Drama Repertory Company

Commercial jingle composed and played by ALAN PAUL

Electronic effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Produced by BETTY DAVIES

Genome: [r4 Bd=19671113] Unknown: Joseph Musaphia

Unknown: Deryck Guyler

Unknown: James Arnott

Unknown: Sheila Whittingham

Played By: Alan Paul

Produced By: Betty Davies

James Arnott (Dad): Deryck Guyler

Robby Fielding: Peter Tuddenham

Sue Fielding: Sian Davies

Major Martin: Geoffrey Wincott

Ray Mann: Alan Dudley

Terry Groove: Lee Peters