Little Novels

Five Victorian mysteries by Wilkie Collins, dramatised by John Arden.


Genome: [r4 Bd=19971231]Five Victorian mysteries by Wilkie Collins , dramatised by John Arden. 1: Mr Policeman and the Cook

PC Brady has an astonishing deathbed confession to make.

Pianist Colin Guthhe Director David Blount

Genome: [r4 Bd=19971231] Unknown: Wilkie Collins

Dramatised By: John Arden.

Dramatised By: Mr Policeman

Pianist: Colin Guthhe

Director: David Blount

Wilkie Collins: Ronald Pickup

PC Brady: John Quinn

Priscilla: Rachel Atkins

Priest: Hugh Dickson

01Mr Policeman And The Cook1997123119980824PC Brady has an astonishing deathbed confession to make.

With Ronald Pickup, John Quinn, Rachel Atkins and Hugh Dickson.

Director David Blount

02Miss Jeromette And The Clergyman1998010719980831Stephen Wheatmeal is to take holy orders.

But what should he do about his mistress in Chelsea? With Ronald Pickup, John Rowe and David Brooks.

Director David Blount

03Mr Marmaduke And The Minister1998011419980907Felicia leaves her father's remote manse to live in Belgravia.

But what is the source of her new husband's money? With Ronald Pickup, Peter Kelly and Emma Fielding.

Director David Blount

04Miss Bertha And The Yankee1998012119980914An Englishman and an American are rivals for the affections of a beautiful heiress.

With Ronald Pickup, Alison Pettitt and Jenny Lee.

Director David Blount

05 LASTMiss Morris And The Stranger1998012819980921With Ronald Pickup, Deborah BERLIN and Alastair Danson.

Director David Blount