Little Of What You Fancy, A [documentary]

Tim Healey looks at how the Music Hall dominated Victorian and Edwardian popular culture.



Whilst the saucy songs of people like Marie Lloyd caused concern for the nation's morality, it was the obligatory purchase of alcohol to gain entry to the "free" entertainment which worried people like General Booth.

Public health inspectors may also have raised an eyebrow at one particularly nasty incident involving the death of an elephant below stage.

Too large to move, it remained putrefying far too long for the audience's good.

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Tim Healey looks at how the success of musical hall may also have brought about its decline.

In 1912, Music Hall artistes gained social approval when some of them were carefully selected and commanded to perform in the first Royal Variety Performance.

Hitherto they had been entertainers of the working class, albeit enjoyed by the 'toffs' and even royalty.