The Little Queen Of England

By Rob John.

Harriet wants to play fantastic games but her parents can't quite hit the balance.

Her dad is clueless at pretending and while her mum Rachel is adept at creating imaginary worlds, in her hands make-believe and lies are in danger of becoming confused.

Harriet....Elana Binysh

Rachel....Victoria Hamilton

Colin....Lee Ross

AA Man/DJ....Jon Glover.


20050429Harriet wants to play and her dad wants to watch Norwich.

Hat's mum, Rachel, is quite happy to create fantasies, but make-believe and lies are sometimes too close for comfort.

  • a man....Jon Glover
  • by.... - - - - rob john

  • colin....lee ross
  • directed by.... - - - - roland jaquarello

  • dj....Jon Glover
  • harriet....elana binysh
  • rachel....victoria hamilton

  • 20060901