The Little White Bird

By J M Barrie

The moving story of the relationship between a retired army officer and a young boy.

It draws us into the magical fairytale world of Kensington Gardens after lock out time and gives us the first appearance of JM Barrie's immortal Peter Pan.

James Wallace....Michael Siberry

David....Thomas Glenister

Peter Pan....Joe Absolom

Solomon Caw....Philip Voss

The Father....Chris Pavlo

Mary....Sara Markland

William Hicking....Daniel Ryan

Mrs Hicking....Becky Hindley

Irene Hicking....Robin Weaver

Maimie....Gabriella Smith

Tony....Matthew Thomas Davies

Oliver Bailey....Thomas Anderson

Ellen/Ho....Polly Adams

Elm....Sam Dale

Mr Beecher....Keith Drinkel

Dramatised by John Peacock

Pan Pipe music composed by Simon Desorgher

Songs performed by Oakfields Preparatory School Choir

Directed by Celia De Wolff


SP2004122520100509 (BBC7)
20100510 (BBC7)
A young boy becomes the 'son' a retired bachelor never had.

A young boy becomes the 'son' a retired bachelor never had - so sparking the creation of Peter Pan.

Stars Michael Siberry.