The Long March Of Sitarama Pande


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701124]

The Autobiography of the Unknown Indian Soldier

' Defender of the Poor: I now send your lordship, by the hand of my son. all I can remember of my life during the 48 years I have been in the service of the English nation, in which I have eaten seven severe wounds and received six medals, which I am proud to wear. May prosperity ever attend your footsteps. was born in the village of Tilowee in Oudh, in 1797...' with Garard Green as Sitarama Pande

Music for sitar, tabla, and tanpura played on record by NIKHIL BANERJEE , KANAI DUTT , and VIRAM JASANI

Adapted from the book From Sepoy to Subadar and produced by MICHAEL MASON

(A new companion programme, The Long Cool Look of Sitarama Pande : 1 December, Radio 4)

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Unknown: Sitarama Pande

Unknown: Nikhil Banerjee

Unknown: Kanai Dutt

Duced By: Michael Mason

Unknown: Sitarama Pande