A Long Walk With...


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Janice takes a fascinating tour of musical and family milestones in Glasgow with Jim Kerr.

Janice Long talks to music stars, as they walk through important places in their lives.

Janice Long returns with another series of Long Walks.

In the first she visits the largest city in Scotland, with a long history of musical, industrial and cultural innovation, Glasgow, to spend some time with her old friend and global rock star Jim Kerr of Simple Minds.

In the programme, recorded before the devastating fire at the Glasgow School of Art and the ABC venue, they walk around the city and discuss Jim's upbringing, close to his school friend and bandmate Charlie Burchill, in the Gorbals. Jim and Janice also remember schooldays and early vinyl purchases of Bowie and The Velvet Underground, stand on the first stage they played on, hear backstage stories about Bono in the dressing rooms of the Barrowlands, discover how an American number one might not have happened without perseverance from Keith Forsey and uncover stage nerves at Live Aid. Janice also finds out what connects Nelson Mandela and Waterfront, as she stands with Jim on the banks of the River Clyde.