Lost Voices [documentary]

Five specialists offer their views about how manners and modes of speech have changed within different professions.



Would Mistura Tussis Nigricans have been as effective if it were labelled Black Cough Mixture? And how has the management-speak which has infiltrated the NHS affected the doctor-patient relationship? Dr Michael O'donnell investigates.

02The Legal Profession20000425

In this edition, Geoffrey Bindman cross-examines the language of the legal profession.


Lesley Riddoch reflects on how the language of the newsroom has evolved in her lifetime.

04The Church20000427

The Rt Rev Colin Semper meditates on how the language of the church has changed since he first took orders.

05 LASTPolitics20000428

Former cabinet minister Kenneth Baker examines how the language of politics has changed since the advent of television.