Lost World, Our Eyes Have Seen Great Wonders, The [Classic Serial]


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2/2: Our Eyes Have Seen Great Wonders.

By Arthur Conan Doyle, dramatised by Chris Harrald. Professor Challenger and his team are marooned on the isolated Amazonian plateau, at the mercy of dinosaurs and a murderous tribe of hominids. Will they survive to satisfy their scientific curiosity? Will they be able to escape and bring home news of their discoveries?

Professor Challenger...David Robb

Dr Diana Summerlee...Jasmine Hyde

Lord John Roxton...Jamie Glover

Edward Malone...Jonathan Forbes

Querioz... Vinicius Salles

Meldrum...Sean Baker

Indian tribesman... Milton Lopes

Directed by Marilyn Imrie

Dramatist Chris Harrald is a writer for radio film and television. He won the 2009 Sony Gold award for radio drama for his play 'Mr Larkin's Awkward Day'.

Will Professor Challenger and his explorers escape the dangers of the Lost World?