Louis Theroux [6 Music]



Louis takes us on his idiosyncratic musical tour of the City of Los Angeles, his home for the last year or so. The program includes songs from The Doors, NWA, War and The Beach Boys.

He opens the program with People Are Strange by The Doors, joking it could almost serve as a manifesto for his career and view of the world, and this pretty much sets the tone for the show. He shares his love of hip-hop and rap and how this music had a big impact on him in his youth, with artists such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. He tells how Beck makes him wonder whether there isn't something to Scientology, and how going to a Stranglers gig with his parents damaged his relationship with their music. He talks of his admiration for the music of Elliot Smith, with whom he had a rather awkward and embarrassing interview moment, and goes intergalactic with The Carpenters. He readily admits that some of the links to LA aren't perhaps the strongest and most credible, but his frankness and charm more than carry you along on the journey with him!

The program complements his BBC2 series Louis Theroux's LA Stories.