Love And Loss

Five stories of the bitterness of love.



by Amanda Smyth.

Secret love is the sweetest thing, but sometimes a girl wants more.

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

02A Season Of Madness2002120320031116

By Hanan Al-shaykh

A Lebanese wife goes to extraordinary lengths to escape from a loveless marriage.

Read by Sirine Saba

03Tracking Station2002120420031123

by Amanda Smyth.

Three into two doesn't go.

A young girl is the odd one out during a night in a secret hideaway.

04The White Peacock Of Holland Park2002120520031130

by Hanan-al-Shaykh.

Lonely in London, Yasmin imports her fantasies from the Lebanon.

05 LASTFlight2002120620031207

By Amanda Smyth.

Another story of bitterness and love.

A young girl grows up in the shadow of her mother's love life.

Read by Sandra James-young