Love Letters Of Ragie Patel, The [Lee Hall]


1997010620190521 (BBC7)
20190522 (BBC7)

Ragie Patel is left with his Grandparents for the summer. A chance meeting with the amazing Jimmy Spud convinces Ragie that he might be a Hindu god, and when Nandini asks him to act as a go-between, he's convinced of his powers.

Lee Hall's play about Faith, Hope and Reality in the 1990s.

Stars Kulwant Singh Bhatia as Ragie Patel, Gareth Brown as Jimmy Spud, Nina Wadia as Nandini, Rashid Karapiet as Grandfather and Jamila Massey as Grandmother.

Producer: Kate Rowland

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1997 as part of Lee Hall's "God's Country" quartet plays: I Luv U Jimmy Spud, The Sorrows of Sandra Saint and Spoonface Steinberg.

After meeting Jimmy Spud, Ragie is convinced he is a Hindu god.