Lso St Luke's Beethoven Plus


01Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130813

In the first of eight programmes featuring Beethoven's string quartets recorded at LSO St Lukes in London, the Karol Szymanowski Quartet play the Quartet in G Op 18 No 2, plus works by Haydn and Bartok.

Beethoven: String Quartet in G major, Op 18 No 2

Haydn: String Quartet in F major, Op 77 No 2

Bartok: Romanian Dances

Karol Szymanowski String Quartet.

02Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130814

In the second programme of eight recorded in concert at LSO St Lukes in London, the Belcea Quartet play Bartok's Third Quartet and Beethoven's Quartet in F Op 59 No 1, the first of the so-called 'Razumovsky Quartets'

Bartok: String Quartet No. 3

Beethoven: String Quartet in F major, Op 59 No 1

Belcea String Quartet.

04Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130816

04Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130816

In the fourth concert in this series of eight recorded at LSO St Luke's in London, the Prazak String Quartet perform Haydn's Quartet in D Op 50 No 6 and Beethoven's Quartet in B flat Op 130.

Haydn: String Quartet in D major, Op 50 No 6

Beethoven: String Quartet in B flat major, Op 130

Prazak String Quartet.

05Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130820

A second week of Beethoven Quartets recorded at LSO St Lukes in London kicks off with the Psophos Quartet performing Bartok's Second Quartet and Beethoven's D major Quartet Op 18 No 3.

Bartok: String Quartet No 2

Beethoven: String Quartet in D, Op 18 No. 3

Psophos String Quartet.

06Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130821

The series recorded at LSO St Lukes in London continues with the Cremona String Quartet in Beethoven's Quartet in C, Op 59 No 3 (the third and last of his so-called 'Razumovsky Quartets'), and Bartok's Quartet No 4

Beethoven: String Quartet in C major, Op 59 No 3

Bartok: String Quartet No 4

Cremona String Quartet.

07Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130822

More Beethoven quartets from LSO St Lukes: the Kuss Quartet perform his 'Quartetto Serioso' in F minor, Op 95, plus Bartok's Quartet No 6.

Beethoven: String Quartet in F minor, Op 95

Bartok: String Quartet No 6

Kuss String Quartet.

08 LASTRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert20130823

The series recorded at LSO St Lukes in London ends with the Skampa Quartet performing Haydn's B flat Quartet Op 1 No 1 and Beethoven's Quartet in A minor Op 132

Haydn: String Quartet in B flat major, Op. 1 No. 1

Beethoven String Quartet in A minor, Op. 132

Skampa String Quartet.