Lucie Miller


20130117 (BBC7)
20131124 (BBC7)

The Time Lord's companion survives a global plague, a first strike by the deadliest foe.

After the Dalek Invasion of Earth - a rematch...

Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith) has had a troubled relationship with the Doctor (Paul McGann). Forced into the TARDIS by the Time Lords, parting company on bad terms, they seemed to patch up their differences. Lucie wound up travelling the world with the Doctor's great-grandson Alex in the 22nd century.

However, it isn't long before the Doctor is needed again - the Daleks return for a second attempt after he stopped them invading Earth in his first body. This time, it looks like they might succeed, and the Doctor is nowhere to be seen. What's more, it seems another old foe is part of the Daleks' plans - and so is an old friend.

As the odds stack up against Lucie and her human allies, the Doctor finally comes to her aid - but will he get there in time? When he does, will it ultimately matter?

First in a two-part story, this is a full-cast audio drama.