2015122520160101 (RS)Drama about the rise to fame of singer Lulu, set in Glasgow and London in 1963.

A Lulu of A Kid


Producer: David Ian Neville

It's 1963 - Lulu, Glasgow's own pop sensation is about to be discovered!

1963 Glasgow, fourteen year-old Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie is going to school by day and singing in clubs with bands at night. There's a music, fashion and culture revolution happening in London and the excitement is spreading across the UK. The Beatles and the Merseysound are taking London by storm. Meanhwhile in Glasgow new groups are being formed on a daily basis. And Glasgow's own pop sensation is about to be discovered!

In five exciting, music-fuelled years Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie went from timid wee lassie in the east end of Glasgow to the top of the American charts. Along the way she changed her name to Lulu, was at the centre of the pop scene in London, and was appearing on all the top TV shows. But behind the scenes teenage Marie had to do a lot of growing up fast. Finding the next hit song was never easy despite working with top composers. And behind all the fun and glamour young Marie was missing her family back in Glasgow.

Starring Kirsty MacLaren as Lulu.


Lulu....Kirsty MacLaren

Betty Lawrie....Sarah McCardie

Eddie Lawrie....Simon Donaldson

Marion Massey....Romana Abercromby

Tony Gordon....Kirk Bage

Billy Lawrie....Daniel Kerr

DJ....John Kielty

All other characters played by the cast.

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.