Stephen Wakelam's new play about Samuel Beckett's mysterious three-week stay in Folkestone in March 1961.

The playwright checks deliberately into a quiet hotel under a pseudonym and it's here that he befriends Janet who works part-time at the hotel while studying for her French A-level. They bond over an Agatha Christie novel. This burgeoning friendship tests Janet's loyalties, presenting her with a dilemma she needs to resolve.

Pianist....Pete Ringrose

Produced and directed by Gemma Jenkins

This clever blend of fact and fantasy is inspired by the three weeks Samuel Beckett spent in Folkestone prior to his marrying his long-term partner, Suzanne Deschevaux-Dumesnil. He checked into the Bristol Hotel on Folkestone Leas under the pseudonym, Mr S Barclay, instructing his close friends to keep absolutely quiet about his whereabouts.