Lyrics By With Murray Lachlan Young [6 Music]


Episode 2: With Chris Difford20170226 (6M)
20181021 (6M)

Squeeze's Chris Difford joins Murray to look at lyrics in the 1960s.

Murray Lachlan Young examines the process and craft of writing lyrics.

01The Process And Craft Of Lyric Writing20170219

BBC Radio 6 Music's Poet in Residence Murray Lachlan Young examines the process and craft of lyric writing, exploring the traditional structures of songs - The trinity of verse chorus and middle eight, the tyranny of melody and the power of economy of words.

He is joined by songwriter Guy Chambers to try to answer the eternal questions 'Why we need lyrics and what do they actually perform in the song?'. They discuss the lyrics of The Beatles, Lana Del Ray, The Cocteau Twins and why Tuti Frutti is one of the most important lyrics in the history of Pop Music.

Murray is also joined by Rat Pac historian Paul Ryan as he looks at the rise of the great lyricists in modern music and he helps Murray delve into the Great American Songbook, looking at the work of songwriters Lorenz Hart and Ira Gershwin and how Frank Sinatra was able to take music outside of the musicals and make them into hits.

02The Explosion In Consciousness Of The 1960s20170226

In Part 2 of Murray's quest to discover why we need lyrics and what do they perform in the song, we head back to the explosion in conciousness of the 1960s and how that changed the way lyric writing was percieved. Was, as many thought, 'Anything possible' or was pop music falling into its own navel. Murray looks at the explosion of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones how the rise of American RnB imports on the British Market changed the way lyrics were written.

Squeeze's Chris Difford joins Murray to discover how The Beatles, for instance, went from the innocence of Love Me Do to Norwegian Wood in just two years and poet Kate Tempest discusses her love for the lyrics of Bob Dylan, an artist whose lyrics straddle the line between poems and lyrics.