The Lyrics Of Bob Dylan



Sometimes they're vicious, excoriating personal attacks; sometimes they're heartwarming, elegant love paeans; they're at once richly lyrical yet viscerally 'street'; occasionally, they voice dissent and protest. Once in a while, they veer into multi-layered allegory and symbolism; and for a short period proselytised that Jesus Christ is our saviour.

  • a hard rain's a-gonna fall
  • all along the watchtower
  • gotta serve somebody
  • hurricane
  • it's alright, ma (i'm only bleeding).

    music critic Laura Barton attempts to decode the lyrics of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan

  • joining laura in her quest to examine the works, are poet laureate Andrew Motion; professor christopher ricks, author of 'dylan's vision of sin'; Nigel Williamson, author of 'the rough guide to Bob Dylan'; dylanologist muchael gray; greenwich village contemporary tom paxton; singer gwyneth herbert; cultural commentator David Quantick; pete shelley of buzzcocks, and mark rudd of revolutionary political agitators the weathermen
  • lay lady lay
  • like a rolling stone
  • music critic Laura Barton attempts to decode the lyrics of perhaps rock's greatest ever singer-songwriter by exploring and analysing ten songs from the perspective of poets, critics, musicians and contemporaries
  • subterranean homesick blues
  • tangled up in blue
  • the programme coincides with dylan's uk tour dates and celebrates 50 years of Bob Dylan recordings
  • the ten scrutinised songs are:
  • visions of johanna