Macflintock's Palace

A six-part comedy series set in a Victorian music hall, written and performed by Mark McDonnell and Steven Mcnicoll.


01Henry Macflintock Is Unwell19990210

On tonight's star bill, none other than the mysterious Great Nervo and Kitty, ably assisted by Mr Oscar Wilde

02A Man Of Finite Jest19990217

Enter stage right, Mr Tubby Pooter - allegedly the funniest man in England.

03A Vandal In Bohemia19990224

Mysterious noises and eerie singing have been heard beneath the stage.

Time to call in the world's most famous amateur detective.

04Brighton Beach Boudoirs19990303

Mr MacFlintock takes a holiday at the seaside. Back at the Palace, mutiny stalks the stage.

05The Buddha Of Bohemia19990310

The stage manager's prize possession goes missing - can this be in any way connected to the ghoulish act performed by Dr Raven and his lovely assistant Miss Penny Dreadful?

06 LASTThe Abominable Showman19990317

With Harry Houdini topping the bill, Queen Victoria is to grace the palace. At last a knighthood beckons for Henry.