By John Clifford.

In the early hours of the morning on March 23, 1857, warehouse clerk Emile L'Angelier staggered through the dark GLASGOW streets towards his lodging house, doubled over in pain.

By next morning he was dead of arsenic poisoning.

Within a few hours stacks of illicit love letters were discovered suggesting that the young man had been involved in a highly passionate secret affair.

Madeleine Smith, the upper class daughter of a weathy GLASGOW businessman, was arrested for Emile's murder.

Young Madeleine....Clare Grogan Older Madeleine....Stella Quilley Emile L'Angelier....Pascal Besson Mr Smith, Minnoch and Defence....Sean Barrett Clerk, Robert and Curate....John Mackay Bessie and Mary Jane....Sally Cookson Mother, Miss Aitken, Anne Jenkins....Carol Brannan Prosecutor....David Collins Judge....Paul Nicholson Directed by Kate McAll.