19781225Agatha's son Cis is an extraordinarily precocious boy for his mere fourteen years of age. He flirts, drinks, gambles and is a 'regular young card'. Only Agatha knows that actually Cis is nineteen years old, having lied about her own age when she married her second husband, the good-hearted and honest magistrate, Mr Poskett.

When Cis' godfather, Captain Lukan, returns from a trip to Bengal the cat looks certain to escape the bag. Agatha escapes to plot with her sister. Meanwhile, Cis persuades Mr Poskett to accompany him for drinks. Chaos ensues.

Classed as one of the best British farces, The Magistrate, 1885, brought Sir Arthur Wing Pinero immense popularity. Other works in his remarkable repertoire include The Schoolmistress, Dandy Dick, The Cabinet Minister and Trelawny of The Wells.

Aeneas Posket....Nigel Stock

Agatha Posket....Jill Bennett

Mr. Bullamy....Anthony Newlands

Colonel Lukyn....Charles Gray

Captain Vale....Jonathan Cecil

Cis Farringdon....Anthony Daniels

Achille Blond....Philip Sully

Isidore....Adrian Egan

Mr. Wormington....Manning Wilson

Inspector Messiter....John Gabriel

Sergeant Lugg....Roger Hammond

Constable Harris....Bill Monks

Wyke....Timothy Bentinck

Charlotte....Maria Aitken

Beatie Tomlinson....Amanda Murray

Popham....Eva Stuart.