Magnitsky The Musical [Drama On 3]



Book and lyrics by Robert Hudson
Music and lyrics by Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn and Robert Hudson bring us a musical based on the incredible story of an American venture capitalist, a Russian tax advisor, a crazy heist, the Trump Tower meeting and the very rule of law.

Blending music and satire, the story explores the truths and fictions surrounding the origins and aftershocks of the Magnitsky Act; global legislation which allows governments to sanction those who they see as offenders of human rights.

It tells the story of a tax adviser’s struggle to uncover a huge tax fraud, his imprisonment by the very authorities he is investigating, and the American financier’s crusade for justice.

Johnny Flynn, Paul Chahidi and members of the cast perform songs in a epic story that explores democracy, corruption, and how we undervalue the law at our peril.

Bill . . . . . Paul Chahidi
Sergei . . . . . Johnny Flynn
Jamie . . . . . Fenella Woolgar
Natalia . . . . . Ellie Kendrick
Kuznetsov . . . . . Gus Brown
Guard . . . . . Clive Hayward
Silchenko . . . . . Ian Conningham
Jared . . . . . Will Kirk
Fisherman . . . . . Neil McCaul
Judge . . . . . Jessica Turner

Additional singing by Sinead MacInnes, Laura Christy, Scarlett Courtney and Lucy Reynolds.

The cellist is Joe Zeitlin.

Sound is by Peter Ringrose.

Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.

The incredible story of an American capitalist, a Russian tax adviser and a crazy heist.

Series of drama performances, ranging from experimental works to the Classics