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Making It Work: Affordable Medical Equipment In India - The Compass2017092720171001 (WS)"1/4 New mini-series. The reality of being an entrepreneur serving \u201cthe bottom billion\u201d

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1/4 Exploring the reality of being an entrepreneur serving the “bottom billion ? – a new mini-series from The Compass.

In India around a fifth of people still live below the poverty line, according to the most recent World Bank estimates. Businesses selling to this market need to keep prices low.

In the famous tech city of Bengaluru, south India, we visit a veterinary clinic for pets, the unlikely home of a surprising young start-up, which is set to revolutionise one of the most common medical devices on the planet - the stethoscope.
In a village in Mathura, about three hours' drive from New Delhi we take a look at the installation of a new affordable solution to providing solar energy.

We then head to Kenya to meet a young entrepreneur who is looking at the success of firms like Amazon and has developed his own similar internet based delivery system for Kenya’s low-income customers.

(Photo: Taal component board)


(Photo: Taal component board)"

Making It Work: Agriculture In India And Kenya - The Compass2017101820171022 (WS)"4/4 Entrepreneurs coming up with innovative solutions for agriculture in India and Kenya

The Compass - exploring our world.

4/4 Angela Saini is on a farm in a rural corner of Karnataka in south India, meeting the team behind Akshayakalpa – a kind of Farm in a Box. When you are on a low income, how can you possibly find a way to raise the funds you need to get into farming, or simply keep your existing farm afloat? Angela meets an entrepreneur who thinks she has found the answer.

Angela heads back to Nairobi to catch up with the founder of OkHi – the app that lets you find any address in the city, which we discussed earlier in the series. How are they getting on? Finally, she meets budding agricultural entrepreneurs in Nairobi and talk to the Agriculture Minister Willy Bett.

(Photo: Cows in a field, Nyandarua County, Kenya)


(Photo: Cows in a field, Nyandarua County, Kenya)"

Making It Work: Navigating Kenya's Streets With Technology - The Compass2017101120171015 (WS)"3/4 OkHi is a navigation device which allows you to find an address, however remote

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3/4 OkHi is a new navigation device which runs on your mobile phone and allows you to find an address, however remote, with GPS coordinates and a photo. It should be accurate to within ten metres and copes without the usual massive infrastructure changes required by sat nav systems.

Just outside Bengaluru in India, we take a look at the problems of getting access to banking services in remote communities and the solution being offered by a new company called Sub-K, and their human ATMs.

Finally, Angela calls in again on the creators of BRCK internet to learn about their major ambitions for the future.

Image: Wes Chege, founder of OkHi, Credit: Whistledown


Image: Wes Chege, founder of OkHi, Credit: Whistledown"

Making It Work: Rugged Tablets For African Schools - The Compass2017100420171008 (WS)"2/4 Start-ups who are innovating products in Kenya and India

The Compass - exploring our world.

2/4 A Kenyan company is planning to bring reliable stable internet and rugged tablets to remote schools with the help of BRCK, a solution to internet problems in the shape of a brick. Part two of four.

In the northern Indian state of Assam, people have the lowest access to good quality eye care in the whole of India – 18% of all cataracts happen in this one state. ERC Eyecare has a business solution aimed at changing all that.

We also return to visit the stethoscope creators from last week’s episode. Things have moved on for the company Taal and it is now trying to drum up business – how are sales going?

(Photo: Boy looks up from a Kio Kit tablet used in a school in Kenya)


(Photo: Boy looks up from a Kio Kit tablet used in a school in Kenya)"