The Making Of Mr Hai's Daughter

Seeta Indrani reads from Yasmin Hai's account of her assimilation into the English way of life.



Syed Samsamaul Hai arrives in London in 1964.

After an illustrious political career in Pakistan, he is faced with a cold damp England, but is delighted with his British passport and eager to learn how to become English.


Nearly a decade after arriving from Pakistan, Mr Hai has a good job, a wife and children.

It is now time to move from his cramped flat in Holloway to a house in Wembley and embark on Operation Children to make his children English.


Operation Children has reached a critical juncture for Mr Hai as he selects the right secondary school for his eldest daughter, a school that will ensure that she becomes both middle-class and English.


Yasmin's father dies when she is just 17, leaving her to negotiate the challenge of becoming Mr Hai's perfect daughter without his guidance.

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As many of her friends turn their back on multicultural Britain, Mr Hai's daughter is left wondering what has become of her father's dream.