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Producers: Frances Burns

Producers: Fiona Couper.

Producers: Simon Elmes

Producers: Caroline Sarll.

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Producer: S. ELMES

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SBH:Voices for our time - story of four places in Britain as they embark upon a new decade - and how they faced the challenges of the 1980s. Ints. and act. from Pentre-Foelas in Snowdonia (badly affected by Chernobyl fallout); Flagship Leisure Centre in Glasgow; Derry and Derry City Football Club; the Nissan car plant in Tyne and Wear. Presenter: Anthony Hyde.

Broadcast history

01 Jan 1990 09:05-10:00 (RADIO 4)


Simon Elmes (Producer)

Caroline Sarll (Producer)

Fiona Couper (Producer)

Frances Burns (Producer)

Anthony Hyde (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 432284.

BBC Programme Number: 90FQ0001

Recorded on 1989-12-29

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Radio 4