Maldinis - The Return [Radio Scotland]



Gino Maldini is the head of a larger-than-life Scots-Italian family busily keeping their popular café afloat in a small seaside town. Gino and his indispensable daughter Anna work together in the face of adversity to survive in these difficult times.

In the kitchen Gino is master of his domain, but beyond the café he's a fish out of water, unworldly and impractical, an innocent abroad who relies excessively on daughter Anna, just as he used to rely on his greatly-missed late wife.

Anna, vital to the survival of the café and the family, has inherited her mother's fiery Italian temperament. Like Vesuvius her frustrations are never far from erupting. And her frustrations are many. She is a thwarted romantic with her own dreams and ambitions.

Oldest son, Franco, has other ideas. Franco dreams of a happy retirement, just not his own, his father's! Franco has big dreams, bigger debts (from a string of disastrous get-rich-quick schemes) and no discernible talents whatsoever. Anna and Franco have had a fractious relationship all their lives full of sibling rivalry and jealousy.

This longstanding conflict between Gino, Franco and Anna is the backdrop to the show, with the personalities, dreams and aspirations of siblings Gianni and Francesca, their irascible Nonna (grandmother), and Franco's Scottish wife, Katy, adding to the recipe.

In this episode Franco returns home after Gino has an accident in the kitchen and ends up in hospital.

Overflow and notes:


Gino Maldini: Jonathan Watson

Anna Maldini: Dawn Steele

Franco Maldini: Jordan Young

Nonna Maldini: Marj Hogarth

Gianni Maldini: Jamie Lemetti

Katy Maldini: Nicola Roy

Francesca Maldini: Molly Vevers

Sal: Iain Davidson

Writer: Bob Black

Producer: Gus Beattie

Maldinis is a Comedy Unit Production for BBC Radio Scotland.