Andrew Graham Yool, former editor of the Buenos Aires Herald, reveals how Argentine identity and dreams are revealed via the distorting mirror of the Falkland islands known to all in Argentina as the Malvinas.

As the 30th anniversary of the surrender of the Argentinian Junta on June 14th and the failure to reclaim the islands by force looms into view, Yool hears from Argentines, across the generations and political divide, who detail the delusion, despair, revulsion and dreams folded up into the rocky outlines of the islands.

Andrew Graham Yool is himself an Anglo Argentine, born and raised in Buenos Aires. He was one of the few to stand up to the murderous Junta as thousands disappeared under LA Processo', with his life threatened, Yool fled the country just in time to report on the Falkands conflict for The Guardian. Yool understands just how deep the entanglement of history, myth and geography is for his homeland.

What does this heartfelt desire for the Falklands, an obsession periodically stoked by populist rhetoric and the Peronist legacy, reveal about Argentine identity? Are the claims for return for the islands increasingly an excuse to ignore domestic issues? And can Argentines ever find peace without dreaming of Las Islas?

Producer Mark Burman.