The Man In The Picture



Oliver returns to Cambridge to visit his elderly tutor.

Over a late night whisky, he is told the disturbing story behind the painting of a Venetian carnival scene.


After leaving his old tutor, Oliver takes a late night stroll around Cambridge.

He cannot shake off the feeling of unease he has about the Venetian painting hanging in the don's rooms.


When Theo Parmitter bought the Venetian picture, he knew that somebody else had a keen interest in owning it.

So when he was invited to a stately home in Yorkshire to meet an elderly Countess he accepted, curious to learn her story.

Read by Nigel Anthony


The Countess of Hawdon is disturbed to discover that the likeness of her recently deceased father-in-law has unaccountably appeared in a picture of a Venetian carnival painted hundreds of years earlier.

Read by Nigel Anthony.

05 LAST20071019

As the Venetian picture appears to claim yet another victim, Oliver and his new wife set off for a honeymoon in Venice.

Read by Nigel Anthony and Imogen Stubbs