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No band, but as we know, that doesn't equate to no fun when Marc Riley's around.

Plus we've got Rob Hughes in for his Americana Slot.. I believe he'll all he'll be wearing will be a pair of chaps. Will make sure the webcam is up and running in Salford this evening.

6MCall The Doctor20120528

There is a severe case of the guitar pops in the studio this evening, best Call The Doctor then!

Call The Doctor came to being after lead singer Patti Aberhart moved from New Zealand to the UK back in 2008, met Robert Hallworth, Chris Davis and Jordan Cook, and with a mutual love of danceable dirty guitars created what you will hear tonight.

Their debut album Hands Will Shake is released 30th July on Glasstone Records and they are at the start of a UK tour. Tonight however, they are playing live for you and the clever Mr Riley who booked em.


in session tonight.... they've come all the way from a land down under, well Western Australia to be exact.... A couple of the members of the band are from one of Marc's favourite bands of last year - Tame Impala - we didn't manage to get those chaps in session so are super excited about tonights show.

Their debut album Beard Wives Denim is out now on Modular Recordings.

6MTiny Ruins20120524

in session for the first time tonight, a beautiful way to end another week on 6Music.

Hollie Fullbrook A.K.A. Tiny Ruins was born in Bristol then raised in New Zealand, she began writing music for theatre whilst studying in Wellington, then she began playing at live music and poetry nights around the city.

After being picked up by an Australian label she toured Northern Spain with local musician Laeven Scheerlinck, they recorded an ep that was self-released in 2010. Returning to New Zealand Tiny Ruins teamed up with producer J Walker (CW Stoneking, Holy Throsby) to create the album Some Were Meant For Sea. The album was released in Australia in July 2011 and then UK back in December. It has grabbed attention of many and support slots for Joanna Newsom, Fleet Foxes, Holly Throsby and many more have followed, now on her own tour around the UK and in session for you this evening. You lot are lucky, aren't you?!

6MWhite Denim20120523

Flaming Nora our Ivy!!!! Look who it is! It's only White Denim live in session, Marc will be extra excited as he is formally their number one fan.

Joshua Block, James Petralli, Steve Terebecki and Austin Jenkins formed in that there Austin Texas back in 2006 rising out of the ashes of Parque Torch and Peach Train. Since then the indie, garage, progressive progsters have produced five albums and six EPs, as well as fantastic cover of R-Kelly's Don't You Say No which we think was done for Marc.

Currently on tour around the UK and Europe and with new material heading our way very soon we can never say no to White Denim and their fine offerings.