Marketing - Hacking The Unconscious - Series 1


01A Campaign For 'real' Women?20170503

Advertising's attempts to modernise its often harmful portrayal of female beauty.

01A Serpent In The Garden20170501

Marketing faith and idealism: from Coca-Cola's 'Hilltop' to contemporary Islamic branding.

01Aids: Transforming Ignorance20170510

How the 1986 AIDS campaign 'Don't Die of Ignorance' transformed social attitudes.

01Diamonds And The Peacock's Tail20170504

The ad slogan that changed our culture, and the psychology that still powers it.

01Food Tubs, Facebook And Fetishes20170511

How brands harness the power of social proofing.

01From Ads To Art20170505

Can marketing move beyond mere copy and be considered genuine art?

01From Big Posters To Big Data20170509

From 'Mad Men' to 'Math Men'. What does Big Data mean for the future of marketing?

01Selling A Philosophy20170508

How three words transformed a mundane sports good into an entire philosophy.

01The Allure Of Altruism20170502

Why we are driven to donate, and how charities can benefit from marketing's insight.

01The Power Of Shame20170512

How marketing harnesses our sense of guilt and shame.