Married To Music

Four programmes about composers' wives.


0101Caroline Alice Roberts2001021520010910

Michael Kennedy and Wendy Hillary chart the life of Alice Elgar and reflect upon how she influenced her husband's music. Alice forfeited her inheritance and all contact with her family in order to become Mrs Edward Elgar in 1886, and there are many who believe that without her, Elgar would never have written anything of merit.

0102Harriet Smithson2001022220010917

David Cairns and Peter Raby chart the life of Harriet Smithson, the Irish actress who married Berlioz, and whose life ended tragically. She was the inspiration for his Symphonie Fantastique and Romeo et Juliette, but they had a very difficult marriage.

0103Helene Nahowski2001030120010924

Douglas Jarman, Anthony Pople and Patricia Hall chart the life of Helene Nahowski, reflecting on how she influenced the life and music of Alban Berg. They had 25 years of happy marriage before he suddenly died, but he had an illegitimate child and she banned the completion of his opera `Lulu'.

0104 LASTHarmony Twichell2001030820011001

Jan Swafford, James Sinclair and Sylvia Warren chart the life and musical influence of Charles Ives's wife, Harmony, who supported him until his death in 1954.