The Marx Brothers' Flywheel At Christmas


Genome: [r4 Bd=19941221]

and a sort of miracle on �4th Street! Written by Mark Brisenden , starring Michael Roberts as Groucho Marx and Waldorf T Flywheel, and Frank Lazarus as Chico Marx and Emmanuel Ravelli. With the vocal talents of Graham Hoadly , Vincent Marzello and Lorelei King as all the ladies. Created by Nat Perrin and Arthur Sheekman and written by Mark Brisenden.

Music by David Firman Producer Dirk Maggs

Genome: [r4 Bd=19941221]

Written By: Mark Brisenden

Unknown: Michael Roberts

Unknown: Groucho Marx

Unknown: Frank Lazarus

Unknown: Chico Marx

Unknown: Emmanuel Ravelli.

Unknown: Graham Hoadly

Unknown: Vincent Marzello

Unknown: Lorelei King

Unknown: Nat Perrin

Unknown: Arthur Sheekman

Music By: David Firman

Producer: Dirk Maggs