Massachusetts Avenue. Part Two [Drama]



by David Morley

As investigations into the cyber attack on the British transport system continue, ex police woman Louise Caxton uncovers a conspiracy - and learns how deeply she has been compromised.

Louise Caxton ..... Clare Corbett
Birdy ..... Dolya Gavanski
Melanie ..... Scarlett Courtney
Marcus ..... Will Kirk
Tom Walker ..... Joseph Balderamma
Malcolm King ..... Ian Conningham
The Ambassador ..... David Durham
Jackson Finn ..... Neil McCaul
Colin Jeffery ..... Clive Hayward
Carolyn Jeffery ..... Jessica Turner
Mark Swift ..... Greg Jones
News Anchor ..... Laura Christy

Directed by Marc Beeby

Police work and diplomacy meet in the final part of David Morley's environmental thriller

Drama from BBC Radio 4