Maths And Music

The mathematician, Marcus Du Sautoy explores the connections between the creative art of music and the steely logic of maths.


01* Counter-culture2007102920080331

He starts by looking at the rhythmic complexities in Steve Reich, Messiaen, Ewe music from Ghana and a piece which lasts 1,000 years.

02* The Music Of The Spheres2007103020080401

He examines Pythagoras' theories about the harmonious world, the thorny issue of temperament and why so many cultures divide the scale into 12 notes.

03* Theme And Variations2007103120080402

He reveals the symmetry in Bach's Goldberg Variations, the maths behind bell-ringing and Mozart's obsession with numbers.

04 LAST* Composing With Numbers2007110120080403

He looks at Schoenberg's rectangles, Xenakis' cubes and Messiaen's Mongean shuffle, and reveals that there is music in maths.