The Mating Season


01Bertie Is Invited To Deverill Hall20030804Crawford Logan reads from P G Wodehouse's comic novel.

Bertie Wooster is invited to Deverill Hall by Aunt Agatha to help out with the village fete.

02Disaster Strikes For Fink-nottle20030805He is arrested after hitting a policeman with his umbrella in Trafalgar Square.
03Bertie Pretends To Be Gussie20030806With Gussie Fink-Nottle in jail, Bertie must do the decent thing - turn up at Deverill Hall and impersonate him.
04Jeeves Arrives At Deverill Hall20030807but, alas, not as Bertie's butler.
05Gussie Pretends To Be Bertie20030808Following his arrest, Gussie Fink-Nottle arrives at Deverill Hall pretending to be Bertie Wooster
06Bertie Is Trapped In A Den Of Slavering Aunts20030811Pretending to be the teetotal Gussie Fink-Nottle, Bertie finds himself trapped in a den of slavering aunts.
07Can Esmond Defy His Five Aunts?20030812Can Esmond Haddock defy his five aunts and declare his love for Corky Pirbright?
08Catsmeat Is Engaged20030813Catsmeat has been kissing Queenie, the parlourmaid - like a brother.

Now he finds himself engaged.

09Gussie Takes To Drink20030814and a green beard after agreeing to steal Corky's dog back from the clutches of PC Dobbs.
10 LASTJeeves Comes To The Rescue!20030815