Maugham The Storyteller Neil Macadam


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700601]

adapted for radio by ERIC EWENS withand

' A primeval forest is really something. The light is the strangest thing.... Green.... like being under the sea. We'll need four or five Dyak hunters - very unwise to move about the interior without Dyaks.'

Produced by RONALD MASON

(The Closed Shop by Somerset Maugham: Thursday at 9.10 pm, BBC2 Colour)


Radio By: Eric Ewens

Somerset Maugham: Carleton Hobbs

Neil MacAdam: Ian Dewar

Captain Bredon: Haydn Jones

Angus Munro: Duncan McIntyre

Darya Munro: Barbara Mitchell

The Resident: Charles Simon

Waring: Frederick Treves

Bishop: John Pullen