Me, Mum And Meena Kumari [Drama]



A young actor struggles to care for his bi-polar Mum, his fledgling career and the truth about his sexuality. Not easy when your Mum sometimes thinks she’s the actress Meena Kumari. By Samina Baig, based on a true story by Akbar Kurtha.

Directed by Emma Harding

Akbar....Akbar Kurtha
Zubeida....Shelley King
Uncle....Nish Nathwani
Lia....Emma Handy
Simon....Cameron Percival
Other parts played by Saffron Coomber, Don Gilet, Lewis Bray, Jeanette Percival and Lucy Doyle

Sitar player, Jonathan Mayer
Tabla player, Sandyman

Akbar is long-term carer to his bi-polar Mum, who sometimes believes she's Meena Kumari.

Radio 4 drama