The Means To An End



by Sarah Cartwright

When Barney's dog is run over he wonders if life is worth living but then fate in the shape of a Spanish veterinary nurse and a parrot called mittens intervenes.

Barney hates everything about his life. Everything, but his dog.

His dog doesn't care that he's an awkward loser. That he's 36, single and broke. That he sweats when he's nervous. That he's been stuck in the same job for seven years and three months and still doesn't know how to work the cappuccino machine. That he's scared of his pubescent boss, and lusts after a girl who doesn't know he exists.

So when his dog is run over, Barney realises he's got nothing left to lose, but then a motivational talk from his boss is the beginning of a series of apparently life-changing events.

Bafta award winning Daniel Rigby stars as Barney and Oona Chaplin (The Hour) as Carla.

This is Sarah Cartwright's first play for radio.

By Sarah Cartwright. Black comedy about one man's attempts to pay his vet's bill.