The Medieval Ball

Terry Jones begins a historical journey of discovery.


01A World View20001202

In Hereford, Jones finds out what medieval mappaemundi - world maps which encompass everything from mythical monsters to biblical events - can tell us about the medieval perception of the world.

02What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?20001209

He discovers that medieval thinkers had a more comprehensive understanding of the world than we imagine and dispenses with the myth that they all believed the world to be flat.

03View From The East20001216

He explores the contribution that Islamic map makers made to medieval cartography, as part of a rich heritage of cosmographers, cartographers, poets, translators and scientists which has largely been ignored.

04 LASTTowards The Age Of Discovery20001223

In this final programme, he finds that it was not just the desire to discover new lands that led to accurate sea charts. With the lure of gold and spices, maps took on a new role in the world of commerce and diplomacy.