Mediterranean Stories

Five stories from countries around the Med.


01The Long Crossing2002092320030831

by Leonardo Sciascia.

Read by Mia Soteriou

02A Thousand Days For Mokhtar2002092420030907

by Paul Bowles.

A visit to the market proves fatal, in this murder story from Morocco.

03Summer Orchestra2002092520030914

by Esther Tusquets, translated by Margaret Jull Costa.

A summer holiday in a French resort awakens new emotions in 12-year-old Sara.

04Medical Ethics2002092620030921

by Panos Karnezis. Peasant life on a Greek island proves more complicated than it might appear. Read by John Rowe

05 LASTA Romantic Young Lady2002092720030928

by W Somerset Maugham.

A love affair across class boundaries is more than the Duchess de Dos Palos will tolerate.