0101Shereen Nanjiani20110906 (BBC7)
20150109 (BBC7)
20150110 (BBC7)

Shereen Nanjiani speaks with her father about his upbringing in India.


Shereen Nanjiani speaks with her father, Max, about his childhood and upbringing in India, discovering what attracted him to come to the UK, eventually settling in Scotland to practise medicine. Max talks about how an accident as a child altered his younger dreams of becoming an actor and how this was a major influence in his decision to become an ophthalmologist. They also discuss how Shereen's parents met and later got married, and how their marriage was considered unconventional within her father's culture.

0105Hardeep Singh Kohli2011100420180731 (BBC7)

speaks to his father about his decision to move to Scotland from India

Series in which people interview their own parents about their lives.

0201Evelyn Glennie20120619 (BBC7)
20150116 (BBC7)
20150117 (BBC7)

Evelyn Glennie talks to her mum about her decision to become a musician.


Evelyn Glennie talks to her mum about life growing up in Aberdeen and how her parents' musical influences led her to become a musician. She also explains how she had to overcome losing her hearing at the age of 12.

03Al Kennedy20130101 (BBC7)
20150123 (BBC7)
20150124 (BBC7)

Author AL Kennedy talks to her mother about life, literature and Shakespeare.

Award-winning, Scottish novelist A L Kennedy returns to her mother's house in Bidford-upon-Avon for a good old blether. Their stories literally take us around the world from Stratford to Australia and back to Dundee. Their shared love of literature and Shakespeare is inherent and their conversation is peppered with lovely anecdotal stories from Alison's childhood and the books they would often read together.

0401Michelle Mcmanus20130815 (BBC7)
20150130 (BBC7)
20150131 (BBC7)

Michelle McManus talks to her parents about winning Pop Idol back in 2003.


Michelle McManus talks to her parents about how her dreams of becoming a pop princess turned to reality when she won Pop Idol back in 2003. They discuss what Michelle's success has had on the family and the highlights of her career which include singing for the Pope and the Queen.