Mel And Sue's Comedy Breakdown

Comedians Mel and Sue present a six-part series exploring the best of comedy.


01Fitness And Rehabilitation19990313

In the first programme, they concentrate on fitness and rehabilitation.

With contributions from `Struck Off and Die', Jo Brand, Harry Hill and National Lampoon.

02British Motorway Service Station19990320

In the second programme, they concentrate on the great British motorway service station. With contributions from Rhona Cameron, Rudi Lickwood, Mark Thomas, Harry Enfield, Lee Hurst and Arj Barker.

03British Pub19990327

In the third programme, they investigate the great British pub. With contributions from Ben Elton, Mark Steel, Sean Hughes, Sir Les Patterson and Jeremy Hardy


In the fourth programme, they focus on death. With contributions from Smith and Jones, Martin and Molloy, Ardal O'Hanlon, Steve Martin, Peter Cook, Eddie Izzard, Donna McPhail, Rita Rudner and Robert Klein

06 LASTWhat Makes Britain Truly Shambolic19990417

Comedians Mel and Sue conclude their series exploring the best of comedy by trying to discover what makes Britain truly shambolic. With contributions from Mark Hurst, Eddie Izzard, Jackie Mason, Mark Thomas, Jimeoin, Smith and Jones, Jenny Eclair, Mark Steel and Donna McPhail.