19990104Tom Jaine eats with centenarians of the isolated Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria and asks if the basic ingredients of this most traditional Balkan diet are the healthiest in the world.
19990105Tom Jaine explores cultural identity through culinary connections from Turkey to Slovenia.
19990106Tom Jaine explores the effect communism has had on the food of Balkan Europe.
19990107Tom Jaine travels to Croatia to learn how rural traditions are keeping an ancient cuisine vibrant.
19990108Tom Jaine samples slow food at a 400-year-old inn in Slovenia and discovers a rich mix of gastronomic influences.
X0120000627Three programmes sampling the vibrant cuisine of the Balkans.

1: Tom Jaine travels to the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria to meet a woman who is over 100 years old.

He finds out that the traditional diet of this region enables more of the locals live to a healthy old age than in just about anywhere else in the world.

X0220000704Three programmes sampling the vibrant cuisine of the Balkans.

2: In the late autumn it seems every family in Croatia kills a pig or two for winter meat.

Tom Jaine joins a family for their annual slaughter.

X0320000711The last of three programmes sampling the vibrant cuisine of the Balkans.

Tom Jaine shares a long, slow gourmet meal in the Slovenian Alps with one of the country's most famous pop stars.

At this family restaurant they make their own wine, kill their own pigs and revive traditional national recipes.