Genome: [r4 Bd=19700803]VACLAV HAVEL 'S comedy translated from the Czech by VERA BLACKWELL and adapted for radio by MARTIN ESSLIN with Donald Pleasence and Hugh Burden

Vaclav Havel , perhaps the best known contemporary Czech playwright, is under threat of prosecution in his own country. In the period of liberalisation which preceded the Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia Havel's writing played an important part.

The Memorandum - first broadcast by the BBC in 1966 on radio and later shown on BBCty -is a brilliant, and in the light of subsequent events, prophetic satire on the nature of political power in a totalitarian country.

Produced by MARTIN ESSLIN (Another play by Vaclav Havel , ' Guardian Angel ': Thurs, 9.0)


Unknown: Vaclav Havel

Unknown: Vera Blackwell

Radio By: Martin Esslin

Unknown: Donald Pleasence

Unknown: Hugh Burden

Produced By: Martin Esslin

Play By: Vaclav Havel

Narrator: Geoffrey Wincott

Joseph Gross, Managing Director: Hugh Burden

Jan Ballas, Deputy Director: Donald Pleasence

Ferdinand Kubs: Geoffrey Matthews

Hana, secretary to the Managing Director.: Beth Boyd

A Professor of Ptydepe: John Mofpatt

Kalous, a clerk: Anthony Hall

Otto Masat, Head of the Translation Centre.: Michael Deacon

Alex Kunz, Ptydepist: Charles Hodgson

Helen: Barbara Mitchell

Maria, typist in the Translation Centre.: Susan Maudslay

George, Staff Watcher: Hector Ross