20171014Coverage of Liverpool v Manchester United. Kick-off at 12.30pm. NOT online.
20171015Coverage of Brighton and Hove Albion v Everton. Kick-off at 1.30pm. NOT online.
20171022Everton v Arsenal (1.30pm) and Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool (4pm). NOT online.
20171025EFL Cup fourth round coverage of Chelsea v Everton. Kick-off at 7.45pm. NOT online.
20171028Coverage of Liverpool v Huddersfield Town (3pm) and updates. NOT online.
20171029Coverage of Leicester City v Everton. Kick-off at 4pm. NOT online.
20171104Coverage of West Ham United v Liverpool. Kick-off at 5.30pm. NOT online.
20171105Coverage of Everton v Watford. Kick-off at 4.30pm. NOT online.